Research in Progress

1. Beyond Cobb-Douglas: Flexibly Estimating Matching Functions with Unobserved Matching Efficiency, NBER Working Paper 26972, joint with Theodore Papageorgiou.

You can download the Replication Package here.

2. Earnings Dynamics: The Role of Learning, Human Capital, and Performance Incentives"?, joint with Braz Camargo and Elena Pastorino

3. Measuring Heterogeneity in Job Finding Rates Among the Nonemployed Using Labor Force Status Histories, joint with Marianna Kudlyak, IZA Discussion Paper 8663.

4. The Evolution of Latent Health over the Life Course, joint with Doug McKee, on pause.

5. The US Labor Market in 2030: A Scenario Based on Current Trends in Supply and Demand, joint with Rebecca Edwards, IZA Discussion Paper No. 7825, on pause.